Benjamin Dube – Bow down and worship

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Pastor Benjamin Dube is a chart-topping, award-winning minister, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from South Africa.

Benjamin Dube has many songs that has been a blessing to many around the World.

He released this Track which he titled Bow down and worship.

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Lyrics For Bow down and worship by benjamin dube

Bow down Worship Him x2
Worship Him
Oh Worship Him (Repeat)

Jesus, the King of kings x2
Worship Him
Worship Him
Oh Worship Him

Before thee I .?. oh God
We bow before your Throne oh God, and
We just want to give you praise tonight
We just want to give you give You praise

We cannot make it without You
And we cannot make it without your Power
Jesus, if it wasn’t of your love, and your faithfulness to the Cross
Where would we be?
Today we are able to stand and testify that Your death was life unto us

Your pain was healing unto our bodies
That Your tears oh Lord, they were celebration and joy unto us
We thank You, oh God, that you are in this place tonight
And we are able to experience your presence
For you are a great God
Yes, you are

You are the substance of all human virtues
You all Wise, and you are all Knowing; All Understanding
You can do anything and everything we cannot do
You are everything good that we would like to be
You are omnipotent, you are all powerful
You are omniscient

You are all knowing, You are Omnipresent
You are present everywhere, and we know that you are present in this arena
Oh God we know that You are in this place
And we want to give you praise
All we can say is Abba Father
You are worthy to receive honor and glory
We bow before your Throne
And we would like to give you praise
Everybody bow down and worship, come on

Bow down Worship Him x2
Worship Him
Oh Worship Him (Repeat)

We bow before your throne, not because we do not have any other gods to bow before
But because we tried You, and we found you to be worthy of the praise
Ooh God, You are an infallible God, you are Immortal
You are Spirit, you are the Beginning and You the end

Totally aware of yourself, you are the Great I AM
Totally moral, totally self-assertive
You are the essence of Love, you are lovely
We just wanna bow before your throne and give you the praise
For you are worthy to receive the glory and the honor
We Love you oh God
We ask you right now, to let Your Fire come down

Consuming Fire, sweet Perfume
Its awesome Presence, fill this place
For this is his Holy crown(?)
So come and bow down (Repeat)

Bow down Worship Him x2
Worship Him
Oh Worship Him (Repeat) 



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