Chidinma – Martha

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Get this track from Chidinma titled Martha.

Chidinma Ekile (born 2 May 1991), known professionally as Chidinma, is a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter

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Lyrics for Martha by Chidinma

Beautiful life you give me
Beautiful things you do for me
Nobody love me like you do
I say nobody treat me like you do
Cloth for my back, food for my table
You love me before anybody that’s why I love you
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah mama)
You sleep for ground make I fit sleep for bed o
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah mama)
The last soup whey you cook, e still dey ring for my head o
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah mama)
I write this song to tell you say I love you
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah mama)
{Hook: Mrs. Martha}
Chidinma owu nwa’m nke isii out of umu asaa mmuru.
Oge’m di ime chidinma, infact obia by surprise.
Ashi’m na amushala’m nwa.
Mana chidinma bia mgbe muah aturo anya imu nwa ozo.
Muah gana ebe ezigbote akwa. So di’m abia kpo’m,
muah akoro di’m si ya nekwa ihe ndi mmadu na ekwu. So muna ya na abuo,
egwu na atu anyi. Some men, men of God,
that night haa bia na b’anyi, bia na ekpe ekpere, na ekpe ekper
ha kpe ekpere kalia 2-3 hours. So ha bia gwam si’m na ujo atula’m.
Na nga ahu ihe chukwu ga’alu. Nke’a bu after 15 days,
so after that day ekesha ekpere,
nwata abia mepezia anya ya very bright,
mepezia anya ya very bright
{Verse 2: Chidinma}
People bin talk say her pikin e no strong reach
How you dey cope with Martha and her small body
But them forget about the Lord whey dey use egg crack stone,
use basket fetch water
Tell me say when I enter this world
You and my papa dey struggle to pay for rent
I was blind for fifteen days and I left you worried
You stayed with me when nobody fit stay
You dey pray for me when help no dey
Oh mama mama mama mama mama mama mama
Oh mama mama mama
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah mama)
Nobody be like you eh iya lucky, iya lucky
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah mama)
If anybody carry nose for you, na to burst am
If anybody do guy for you, na to whooze am
{Outro: Mrs. Martha}
Chidinma nwa’m bu ihe chineke dere,
akaraka ya chineke edele ya ede.
And ihe obuna chineke dere,
onwero mmadu obuna ekere eke ga edekashi ya. Owu otu oshi di.
(Chidinma my daughter is someone who has been ordained by God.
God has written her destiny. And whatever God has written,
no human being can re-write. That’s how it is!!)

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