Dagrin – Ghetto dream ft. Sossick

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Get this track from Dagrin titled Ghetto dream ft. Sossick.

Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, also known as Dagrin (25 October 1984 – 22 April 2010), was a Nigerian rapper from Ogun, Nigeria.

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Lyrics for Ghetto dream ft. Sossick by Dagrin

Lemme tell you something about ma life real quick. michoparyo
Sometimes when I sleep and dreaming men, I Just dont wanna wake up/
I realize dat Im married to the game,
And me and ma bItch will neva break up/
Aimoye igba ti mo dide ti mo ti subu/
Aimoye eebu tan ti pe mi loloriibu/
Aimoye clubbin’ ti mi i le afford one red bull/
Aimoye many coloured T-Shirts but one red shoe/
Aimoye aje, aimoye oso, aimoye many times ti mo n oplay free show/
Aimoye igba tawon eyan ti ni kin n lo give up/
Wo ni mo local, p’ona mi o ki n se Hip-Hop/
But mo wa determined, mo de wa focused/
T’ori e l’oruko mi se n spread bi Staphyllococus/
N aimoye yawa, n aimoye insult/
Aimoye je concorsion without no salt/
Aimoye ala ti mo la pe mo di Celebrity/
Ti n ba ji, ma a tun bere hustle loju titi/
It’s a pity, ijo wo ni mo fe ra Infinity?
Mo n dream lati fi aja se resident/
Owo t’awon President n je lon encourage mi/
Eepe t’awon eyan n se fun won lo n discourage mi/
Mo ni dream lati di Pastor or woli/
But everytime ni mo n mu sepe mo de’n fa kpoli/
Mo ni dream lati believe bi Pasto Chris
But mo wa carried away pelu Efizi Ludacris/
Mo’n dream lati mo’we bi Wole Soyinka/
Bo problem ti mo ni, awon Sissy yi mi ka/
Mo ni dream lti lo school ki n di Professor/
Owo lo da mi duro bi’i bus t’awon ero fe’so/
Mo ni dream lati play ball bi’i Kaka/
Bo’ya to’o ba d’ola, won le sign me si Barca/
But everytime ti’n ba de training, wa’a ni won a da’wo kaka/
But oro mi nigbayen, apo mi i o ti i saka/
Yes Lord! Dont let me cry, Dont let me die(Please dont let me die)
I Pray for the Ghetto
Yeah, give them a future…
I got yo’ back, So greatful.
Yeah.You got this men.
Look up to the sky, its a bright day…

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