Dremo – Next Single (Censored)

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Get this track from Dremo titled Next Single (Censored).

Aboriomoh Femi Raymond, known by his stage name Dremo, is a Nigerian songwriter, singer, record producer, recording artist, and stage performer.

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Lyrics for Next Single (Censored) by Dremo

I know y’all been anticipating for a while now but I’m sorry
Teasing with 10 seconds of my tracks on snap stories
My phones been blowing up like DREMO Drizzy why you stalling
Telling us for over 3 month your next single be dropping

So This song is for the real ones to get the message
Too much hits songs been a curse also blessing
Song selection been the problem
New songs making previous ones sound like a mess
Better be less concerned
COS I ain’t stressing

Just taking my time
Amo shine when amo shine
Still stylish untop the ladder when I climb
Screw a stylist I dress the best like all the time
Shawty bad and bougie booty fat like that of Kim kardashian

Next single dropping will get you moving in the club
Next shit after is back to me and these rapping boyS
Anticipate x2 start creating the buzz
Cos my boss and my bosses boys bout raise the bar

You are now rocking with the best man
Yh I vowed to never fuck with a Yes man
Doggs acting crazy men you should visit The vet man
Giving you heads up I can’t wait till they get your head slammed
Who sheeeesh men I had to do this
You full of ish that’s why you actin foolish
Benjamins dey make me dey feel bliss
Benjamz sick shout to the illbeatz

*Hails his crew members* 

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