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Get this gospel track from Kolaboy which he titled 6am.

Chinonso Nwodo popularly known as Kolaboy is a Nigerian musician, rapper, songwriter and performing artist. He gained popularity after rap battle with female musician Ugoccie on social media.

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Lyrics for 6am by Kolaboy

Kola… boy
6am I don carry bag enter park
I be like novice, courage sabi road I dey im back
With a big dream like say na to sleep be my hubby
Plenty gallop dey for road, I only pray to be lucky
Mama don pray for me, father don swear for me
Shout out to the street soldiers, dey are always there for me
Nkechi dey her shop now, na curse she dey lay on me
Her bag I carry travel, na credit I no pay money
So my sis called me for school, dey pursue am
She don wear leggins now, all the boys dey pursue am
She don carry belle now, and my father don disown her
She be trumpet, I hear say all the boys been dey blow her
My junior brother too, I hear say SARS hold am
E no gree write waec, say all im mates dey for Holland
Dem don buy am lappy, buy am iphone, e don dey press
Rat wey follow lizard enter rain, now e don dey wet
Me too I dey Eko, na under bridge I dey stay
Person wey I find come, no dey pick my call again
So much problems for my head, I don dey think to carry gun
My guy said he has a solution, na weed im carry come
(Am a graduate with a BSc am on the street.
If you are with a school bag working around in Lagos,
You are not wearing secondary school
Uniform, we know you, you are homeless)
Haa, hmm
So much problems, Emeka si n’ okoto karikwa
Owuite biara anyi mgbalu, anum n’ oyikwa cardigan
Mgbe nna etonite, echem n’ uwa bu rice and beans
Life is funny, odebe ihu ka Mr Bean
Ebuka secondary, Ebuka nwere A1
Ebuka ga eme ofuma, Ebuka would be great man
First position na Ebuka dika 5 and 6
Ebuka’s future is assured from what I see
University first class, nke anwu bunu sure bet
Shook hands with the VC, mbosi ome defense
It was obvious and clear, Ebuka has the world to rule
One lecturer gwa ya I wish you are my son na mmahadum
Fast forward, 5 years, Ebuka ke way
Ibugo lawyer, doctor ka ina-aru n’ airway?
Osim parkia. okoto karikwa
I still dey labor market, nwanne cholum 5 kpa haa
(I will say it again,
If you are with a school bag working around in Lagos,
You are not wearing secondary school
Uniform, we know you, you are homeless)
How much can you boast of now
I mean search your pocket,
Search yourself very well, and tell me how much you can drop here now
My money is at home (You see)

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