Mairo Ese feat. Nathaniel Bassey – Worthy Halleluyah (Medley)

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Get this Song from Mairo Ese feat. Nathaniel Bassey titled Worthy Halleluyah (Medley).

Mairo Ese, is a Nigerian-born Christian singer and song-writer. Mairo accepted Christ in his teenage years and discovered his passion for music, and later his calling as a worship leader. He is known for his eclectic blend of R&B and Soul and his interpretation and expression of music is dynamic and fresh, transforming songs into a true worship experience with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Use the link below to stream and download Worthy Halleluyah (Medley) by Mairo Ese feat. Nathaniel Bassey.

Lyrics for Worthy Halleluyah (Medley) by Mairo Ese feat. Nathaniel Bassey

Meregire Ogheneme
Oyeavo ooooo merelele eh eh eh
Meregire Ogheneme
Oyeavo merelele
Merasuo ole hallelujah
Ole hallelujah o o o
Ka Ogheneme
Ole hallelujah
Ole hallelujah o o o o
Merasuo ki Jesu mme
Come on everybody wherever you are
Let us give God praise
He alone deserves this praise
He alone is worthy hey hey oh oh oh
We sing You a song of praise oh God
Meregire Ogheneme
Oyeavo merelele
Meregire Ogheneme
Oyeavo merelele say
Meregire Ogheneme Ogeneme o
Oyeavo oyeavo
Merelele meregire meregire
Meregire onyevwo meyo Ogheneme
Oyeavo oyeavo merelele meregire
Meregire my God and my Father
Ogheneme to You the song we bring
Oyeavo oyeavo oyeavo
Merelele I will praise You oh Lord God
Meregire hey e yea eh eh eh Ogheneme Ogheneme
Oyeavo merelele merelele
Oh merasuo
Merasuo ole ole halleluyah ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah ka mo bomme vyo
Ka Ogheneme ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah merasuo
Merasuo ki Jesu mme ki Jesu mme
And I will sing the song of hallelujah
Ole hallelujah ooh
Ole hallelujah ole hallelujah
Merasuo I will sing this song Jesus Ogheneme I will sing You my heart
Ole hallelujah ole hallelujah
Ole hallelujah ole hallelujah
Merasuo merasuo ki Jesu mme ole hallelujah
Ole halleluyah it’s the song the angels sing ole ole ole unto You this praises ring
Ole halleluyah merasuo ki Jesu
Merasuo ogadama noje Oghene yo yoyoyo Ogheneme You are the Alpha and Omega
Ole hallelujah indescribable One He is God Jehovah
Ole halleluyah gather around Your Throne singing this song of praise
Merasuo hallelujah to You ooh God ki Jesu mme
ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Somebody lift your voice wherever you are lift your hands
In your car
In your home
In the church
And let’s praise this God
He alone deserves the praise
Speaking in tongues
We will praise You
Speaking in tongues
Let the praise of God spring forth from your heart
From your belly let it out
Thank You Jesus hallelujah my Lord ha ha ah ah ah ha I love You and I worship You



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