Okey Sokay – Jookwa Sir

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Get this Song from Okey Sokay titled Jookwa Sir.

Okechukwu Okey also known as Okey Sokay is a gifted gospel artiste of very rare quality.

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Lyrics for Jookwa Sir by Okey Sokay

Look what you’ve done to me(2x)
Jòòkwa Sir
The way you keep blessing me (2x)
Jòòkwa Sir
See what you do to me (2x)
Jòòkwa Sir
The way you keep blessing me
Daddy I’m here to say
Jòòkwa Sir
For the life I live (Jòòkwa Sir)
I’ve come to say (Jòòkwa Sir)
For the air I breathe (Jòòkwa Sir)
Imella Sir (Jòòkwa Sir)
Now see my bank alert (Jòòkwa Sir)
Sweet Jesus (Jòòkwa Sir)
My daddy Sir (Jòòkwa Sir)
Imella Sir (Jòòkwa Sir)

Verse 1
Dear LORD so I’m here again
To show my appreciation
I’m here again
With my tithes and offering and
I’m here again
With my friends and family and
We’re here again
Lord just to give you thanks
Cos you’re so amazing
You saved my life grace amazing
Gave my life a new meaning
So you alone I will live for
Your blessings coming down
My praises going up
I will never stop
Daddy thats what’s up
I’m so amazed at your goodness
I decided to say thank you
In my dialect


Rap 2

Jo kwo sir      (3x)
Mo ma Jon gbo sir           (3x)
Oju ti ri
Eti ti gbo
Enu mi de shi ma royin nt’E
shey o common sir
Oloyinbo ma ni incredible
Wepo woyo wo Maggi it’s edible
Tebi tara friends and family
Everybody lo ti ro pe ko male possible
O ta ta ta ta
Ishe Oluwa wa wa wa (oya na)
Euro, Dollar, Naira
Melo lama fowo ra ra ra ra
Thank You sir – thank you sir
Mo dupe sir – dupe sir
Titi lai lai me loyal sir – loyal
Aboki – aboki
Oya zo mana – zo mana
(Kei!) Je ka jo mujo ka k’Hosanna


Jòòkwa jòòkwa
Jehovah à nama si gi Jòòkwa

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